York Environment Week 2022 event guidelines

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Please complete all sections of the form, including date, start and end times, details of event venues, how to register for virtual events including eventbrite link, and information about the organiser(s). Please double check that all facts are correct as we cannot proofread these. Once submitted you cannot go back and edit your form.

Submissions are welcomed for a range of events – options include:

  • a one-off event;
  • an event which occurs multiple times on one or more days;
  • an ongoing multi-day event.

Events can be in person, online or a combination of both.

We are especially keen that you consider how to attract marginalised and/or younger people who might not otherwise attend. The description is limited to an absolute maximum of 450 characters (about 70 words).

Events must be ‘not-for-profit’. Organisers will fall into one of these categories:

  • voluntary or community organisation
  • registered charity
  • constituted group, society or club, including faith groups
  • not-for-profit company or community interest company
  • social enterprise
  • school
  • statutory body (including city and parish councils)
  • political parties holding events that focus on an issue but with no party political content

Or by profit-making bodies or individuals, whose events are issue-based with free sharing of information, expertise or experience, and must not seek to promote the organiser’s products or services.

All events must be free to participants. You may ask participants for a one-off donation to your organisation, provide a reason for why donations help your work and what you will use them for.

All events that are part of YEW 22 must be open to all. It is essential that you make every effort to make your event accessible. Everyone organising and participating must treat everyone at the event with respect.

The deadline for form submissions is 22nd July 2022.

Next steps
We will contact you to confirm that your event will be included in the YEW 22 programme, or we may have questions about your submission. Once accepted, we will let you know our approach to publicity, monitoring and evaluation.