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#YorkActsTogether – Tackling Climate Change

York Environment Week 2021 is being hosted at the same time as the nationwide Great Big Green Week, and this year it’s all about climate change in the run-up to COP 26 in Glasgow. Through a week of online and (hopefully) in-person events, YEW will focus on what climate change is, what we can do about it, and why we all need to stand together to have our voices heard on the matter.

Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just dipping your toe in the climate waters, we have something for you. We want YEW 2021 to be a diverse, inclusive festival where all are welcome. Find out what environmental groups in York are doing to address climate change, and how you can get involved with them (if you like). Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own local group?

Throughout the week there will be many different kinds of events, including:

  • Virtual events (e.g. videos, films, slideshows, webinars, recorded presentations/talks/panel discussions) that will be recorded on the YEW YouTube channel to watch again.
  • In-person events (COVID restrictions permitting) e.g. presentations, panel discussions
  • Ongoing events e.g. competitions, art installations 
  • Workshop events that inspire participants to learn new skills, and make use of good practice.
  • Getting young people involved and reaching out to underrepresented communities

YEW is organised by York Environment Forum (YEF).

The Forum was established over 10 years ago, and plays an active role in local consultation processes, as well as taking a proactive stance on engagement with topical issues. YEF’s aims and objectives are: to advise and comment on policies and strategic issues in York that affect the built and natural environment; to encourage community initiatives that improve sustainability; to enable information exchange and networking among members and supporters in York; and to scrutinise and monitor the progress of the Local Plan. Traditionally, the Forum has functioned as a ‘critical friend’ to the Council, commenting and writing reports on policies and strategies as they relate to York’s environment and, from time to time, campaigning on specific issues.

The Forum’s specialist work on the natural environment is carried out through Treemendous and the involvement of other specialist member organisations. It also has a Transport group that is active on strategic issues aimed at improving travel in and around the city.

YEF is open to all groups and individuals who are interested in environmental issues and how they affect York. More information and details of how to apply for membership here

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