Our Green Neighbourhood: a walk looking at weeds and wildflowers

Event Description

Many of the ‘weeds’ we commonly see growing in pavement cracks and on unplanted areas are wildflowers whose diversity and abundance make a valuable contribution to richness of nature aorund us, and as food and nectar sources for many insects. We will walk around the Bishophill and Scarcroft area and see what’s growing and try to identify the variety of plants that make the area green and lovely.

This is a guided walk with Laura Potts and John Pearson looking at weeds growing in pavements and unplanted areas, learning what they are and how valuable to our environment.

Please note: We will be walking on pavements around the area; the walk will be slow and there are slopes to avoid steps. A minimum age of 7+ is recommended for this activity.

Organised by: Laura Potts

Where: Bishophill and Scarcroft, meeting at Victoria Bar

When: Sunday 24 September, 14:00 – 16:00

Booking: Yes – email laurapotts@phonecoop.coop to secure a place. Donations are invited to Pesticides Action Network UK.