Climate Café

Event Description

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS. Sincerest apologies, but we will have to reschedule this event for outside of York Environment Week. Please join the Meetup Group to stay informed of the new meeting details.

A small gathering of people meeting with facilitators to share their feelings about the climate crisis. It is a confidential, warm, friendly, hospitable occasion – involving cake, hot drinks, maybe a glass of wine or beer.

We listen respectfully and are interested in each other’s views, and we don’t try to impose our own. There are no guest speakers, no lectures, no advice, no commitment, an action-free space.

This will be the first York Climate Café, and if it is successful then we hope to put on more in the future. Attendees can come to multiple sessions, or just one session if they prefer.

Organised by: York Climate Café
Booking: Join Meetup group to stay informed