Meet the YEW organising team

As we move closer to the deadline for event submissions for York Environment Week 2023, we wanted to share a little more about us – the people behind the programme.

We’re a small team with different backgrounds and motivations, but we all care passionately about environmental issues and the natural world. Read on to find out more about why we’ve all chosen to get involved with YEW…

Maddie Brace: “I’ve found doing something practical can relieve some of the weight of climate anxiety that so many of us experience. If for no other reason than your own wellbeing, get involved in a group or event and try to make a difference for the better – you’ll feel less alone, less afraid, and might have fun!”

Kate Hignett: “It’s about joining the dots. There’s lots of community environmental activity going on across York and it needs to be more visible. Taking part in YEW is one way to do this. YEW showcases how members of the community in York are working hard to do their bit on climate change. We want to celebrate them, and inspire many more to join them.”

Kay Harrison: “York Environment Week is now in its fourth year and has fast become a staple of the city’s festival line-up. I love that it makes talking about, and taking action on, the climate crisis a more accessible and less daunting prospect – whether that means getting your hands stuck into home-gardening for the first time or learning more about climate activism. There are lots of groups in York who do amazing things to help us protect our planet, and bringing them together during York Environment Week is a great way to help people discover a new community of like-minded people – and maybe even a new hobby!”

Debby Cobbett: “I have been involved with YEW in different ways since it started in 2020 and see no reason to stop now as we need to work as hard as we can to build a healthier, fairer and greener world.”

Catherine Love-Smith: “Since moving to York, I’ve always been looking for more ways to support climate action and to celebrate and protect the natural environment. When confronting the climate and ecological crisis, it can often feel overwhelming and it’s easy to wonder what you can possibly do as an individual. The great thing about York Environment Week – and one of the reasons I’ve got involved this year – is that it connects people and organisations who want to take action. Working together, I believe we can have so much more of an impact.”

Adam Myers: “The natural world has been an important part of my life, the backdrop to my day to day living and the focus of holidays. I am acutely aware of the loss of biodiversity in my lifetime, and the environmental crisis. As I became involved in protest about climate change, I felt the attention was more on climate than on the parallel ecological crisis. I was aware that I was unusual in my connection and understanding of nature. And then I heard there was the possibility that there would not be a York Environment Week this year. I felt that it was crucial in the current context and I advocated strongly that YEW should happen. Having advocated strongly for it, I felt I had to put my energy into backing what I said was so important. So here I am, doing my best to support YEW23 to happen.”

If you feel inspired to get involved yourself, why not host an event in YEW 2023? It’s a great way to reach out and connect with like-minded people in the city. If you want to talk to us about your ideas, you can contact us on email or social media. Or if you already have an event in mind, simply fill out the online form.