YEW 22: One week, many strands

A Passion for the Earth was the theme of the Green Christian  event at St Luke’s in Clifton, on 10 September, preceding YEW 22 and reflecting the range of ideas and actions for people and planet that we are offering.  Billed as  ‘a day of discussion, stalls and worship to encourage our communities, build common cause for creation and inspire ambitious change’, it led to many reflections and ideas for ways forward.  Stalls on offer during the refreshment breaks were varied too: from energy and food-growing advice to global justice and fair trade.  Some of these groups will be back on Sunday 25 September at St Nicks and some will be running their own events during YEW.  It’s good to see opportunities among our events to join some dots through networking among different groups.

Similar diversity is reflected in this letter from the Climate Coalition to the new PM.  It has been signed by over 100 different organisations, urging her to ‘put the interconnected climate, nature and cost of living crises at the top of the agenda’.  It refers to a vision for ‘a country and a world where children walk to school breathing fresh air instead of dangerous fumes, and their parents think about the future with hope instead of fear.’  They say that this needs ‘brilliant engineers, builders, farmers and local people across the UK to be supported to roll out the solutions to make our homes warmer, our transport cleaner and cheaper, and to restore our natural environment.’ Signatories include faith groups, NGOs, TUs and many more – the  organisations and actions are even more varied than the participants in York Environment Week!

That said, we really have done our best to include a range of groups and activities in YEW22.  You can get stuff repaired with Repair+Share at St Thomas’s Church Hall on Lowther Street, on Saturday 24 September,  learn about climate science on different dates with Climate Fresk and about  investing for the environment on Monday 26 with YorWealth.   For energy-saving tips you can go online with Zero Carbon Yorkshire on Monday 26, or meet York Energy Advice (and  a sheep?!) in person at York Explore on Tuesday morning 10.30-1.  There are chances to learn about growing food with Edible York and protecting pollinators with Bishophillbillies.  You can also find out if trees are the new coal with Axe Drax on Monday 26, meet rebels from Extinction Rebellion on Tuesday and join an online discussion about  Climate Jobs on Thursday 29 September with York TUC.  Towards the end of the week, you’ll find eco-crafting with TCV at Wild Friday on 30 September, and urban walks to Leeman Road’s Green Spaces with YoCo on 1 October, and to Meet York’s Remarkable Trees with York Bike Belles on Sunday 2 October.  Apologies to groups left out of this selection, of course, and there is more to come because YEW is running alongside two more festivals.

You can find more walks in the Walking Festival, and some events related to the environment are happening during  the 50+ Festival.  The latter includes the York Mosque Walk and Talk event starting at 1.15 on 25 September at York Mosque on Bull Lane.  There will be a talk about Islam and pro-environmental behaviour by Water Consumption researcher and PhD candidate Lina Khattab), a walk to St Nicks Environment Centre, a panel discussion among participants from various faith groups and none, and refreshments at 3pm.  Booking is advised by email (

Once more, York Environment Week has lots of different events to offer.  We have many groups in York doing our best to tackle the climate and ecological emergency so plenty to choose from.