PRESS RELEASE: York Environment Week 2022 – this year it’s personal

This year it’s personal – York Environment Week 2022 invites the people of York to take part in action on climate change and sustainable living.

Now in its third year, York Environment Week is running from 24th September to 2nd October, and with more opportunity for in-person events this year the focus is on participation, with an exciting and engaging range of free events for everyone.

The first two editions of York Environment Week had to cope with the pandemic and as a result much of the action was online via Zoom. This year the greater freedom to run in-person events means it’s been possible to partner with a wide range of organisations across the city and create indoor and outdoor free events which showcase a variety of responses to climate change and the sustainable living.

Penny Bainbridge, chair of York Environment Forum and organiser of York Environment Week says:-

“York Environment Week each year is a celebration of working together, having the power to make a difference for the planet. We are all helping to create a safer and greener future.”

The variety of events reflects both the complex range of issues surrounding the environment, and the diverse groups within York which have developed to enable a response to them. These range from the very local and personal – how can we cook delicious meals using locally-grown food – through to national issues including the creation of climate jobs to make the changes we need to our buildings and cities. There will be events exploring how to make our homes cheaper to heat and more comfortable, looking at the natural environment, and exploring how we send a message to central government about local concerns.

The full programme is at

York Environment Week organiser Phil Bixby says:-

“Ensuring a sustainable future requires action at government and council level – and we welcome the city’s work towards a climate change strategy – but it will also mean changes in our everyday lives. York Environment Week 2022 shines a light on some of these areas of change – from how we get around the city through to how we invest. The current turbulence in energy costs has put sustainability onto everyone’s agenda, and this year’s events give a chance for people to learn, to explore, to share.

There are many local groups and initiatives which have been working for years to make York a more sustainable city – York Environment Week makes that experience available to all”.


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Notes for Editors

  • York Environment Week is organised by York Environment Forum, the voice for the environment in York
  • The week will run from 24th September to 2nd October with a range of diverse events
  • All events are organised by, and the responsibility of the individual groups running them and most will require pre-booking.
  • Running alongside the nationwide Great Big Green Week means YEW will be one of many events running all over the country to raise climate awareness – info at