YEW22 listing more events

Not too late to be part of York Environment Week this year.

We are calling for events to include as Brief Listings on this website.

How to apply.

Check that you or your group is eligible.

– Entries may be either from not for profit groups or organisations OR from businesses whose event concerns an environmental topic or issue and does not seek to sell a product or service.

– The dates of YEW22 cover 24 September to 2 October.

– The event is free to attend but you may ask for donations.

– Any topic or format is welcome – we focus on protecting the planet, acting on climate change and promoting nature.

How can a listing help you and your event?

– You will reach a larger audience – through our website and social media our publicity is seen by people with a particular interest in the environment.

– You will broaden the range of the YEW22 programme.

– The more events the stronger will be our collective environmental messages.

What will a Listing include?

All the details that some one will need to know about your event.

Unfortunately we have not got space for logos or other images, but can put links to a website or facebook page.

To apply to be included answer the following points 1 – 6. The responses will be loaded on to the website exactly as written so press send only when you are sure you are happy with your reply.

And answer points 7 – 10 so we can communicate with you and consider your submission fully.

We will confirm that we have received your submission, and we will consider it as quickly as we can. The YEW22 programme is scheduled to be available online from August 26th, and we will add events till the end of September. If your event is not accepted for inclusion we will let you know, with a reason.

1  Title of event.

2  Text of event description – 50 words max ie 250 characters not counting the spaces. If there is a booking system details would be here within the 50 words.

3  Who is organising – name of group or organisation or business.

4  Date(s)

5 Time – Start and Finish.

6 Location, or state that it is online.

7 Name of contact person submitting the entry.

8 Email address.

9 Tel number.

10  Organisation’s website or fb page name so we can find out a bit more about what you do and who you are.

Email your details to